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Comms Noire is a community of Black

health communications and social marketing professionals dedicated to creating messages

that impact culture for good.

Help us build something new! 


Join our waiting list to be first in line. 

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Our Launch Event!

Catch the Replay:

Conversations with Social Impact Communicators

Pull up for this online discussion with some of the most accomplished creatives and communicators in the field. Learn how these key players in PR and brand management have created movement in DEI and public health spaces. At this digital roundtable, speakers will uncover the strategy behind their hardest-hitting campaigns, and talk about how they have handled challenges that would make most people give up. Come with questions and a cup for sipping. Session will include opportunity to learn more about membership with Comms Noire! DO NOT miss out!



/käms/  /nwar/

Comms Noire is a strategic communications group that provides community for Black creatives and communicators working in social marketing,  health promotion and nonprofit industries.

We inspire level-raising creativity which is essential for developing some of our society’s most important public service campaigns and messages. 

Through our membership experience and signature event, Tones, we offer opportunities for connection, resource exchange, and leadership development.


Through our strategic communications practice, we impact culture for good.

Why We're
Building This

Like you, Comms Noire members are responsible for developing some of our society’s most important public service campaigns and messages. Yet, we often execute on this charge without the backing of big dollars, a fully staffed team, or a creative environment.


Comms Noire exists to fill these gaps by providing a network for idea-sharing and technical assistance. Plus, we equip members with coaching and opportunities to serve on portfolio-building projects that will help them elevate their career potential. Not only this, our in-person events inspire level-raising creativity so that all of our campaigns reach further and make more change.


​And, yes. We believe in a 'for us by us' approach. So whether you're working in public health, consulting at an ad agency, or freelancing for lives that matter, we want to help strengthen your voice for the moment you take your seat at that table. 


The work we do improves lives and impacts our community for the better. Let's do it together.

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