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Comms Noire is a strategic communications group with a growing talent base of creatives, strategists, and trainers. As a Black women-owned business with a combined 60 years of experience in public relations, marketing, health communications and program management, we bring level-raising creativity and strategic thinking to our culture's most important social issues.  Here's where we shine:


  • Strategic communications

  • Campaign planning

  • Social marketing

  • Media training

  • Social media & content marketing

  • Messaging & brand identity

  • Event planning

  • Program design & management

  • Copywriting & design

  • Toolkit and resource development

  • DEI growth facilitation

  • Training and technical assistance

Download our capabilities statement

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Thought Leadership, Speaking, & Consulting

Comms Noire fosters “aha” moments and evidence-based solutions for DEI and communications challenges. Through conferences, team meeting facilitation, and limited-term retainers, we drip sauce on status quo thinking. A bit of our time inspires faster, more creative progress that is steeped in integrity and values-based authenticity.

See our trainings

Small Comms Team Development


A hundred and forty-seven open tabs don’t intimidate us. Comms Noire utilizes internal communications planning to tighten up in-house processes and align communications activities with programmatic goals. We facilitate kitchen-table conversations that help establish your team’s ways of working, and position communications a managerial function within your organization. We also provide professional development trainings to catapult team performance. Let’s get your house ready for its next big move.

Communications Strategic Planning


Whether you’re preparing to launch a new campaign or ordering your ducks for that audacious goal, your strategic approach is everything. Comms Noire specializes in facilitating strategic planning workshops that provide clarity and actionable direction for campaigns, branding efforts, or annual organizational outputs. We’ll finalize the entire plan and support execution where needed. Objectives, and strategies, and tactics, oh my!

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Download our capabil
ities statement  >>

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