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All trainings may be delivered virtually or in-person.

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Communications 101

If you're part of the communications team but don't have a background in marketing and communications, this 2-hour training is designed especially for you. We cover foundational concepts in mass communication and social marketing so that you can execute your tasks with greater strategy and intention..


Strategic Planning

This 2-hour training reviews all the essentials of the communications planning process. You’ll first learn the ways of big-brand marketers, then how to develop similar strategies in the context of public health and behavior change. This training can be an integrated part of a full day, facilitated strategic planning work session.

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Storytelling &


In our one-hour storytelling course, you will learn to transform your mission into a compelling narrative that will unify your internal teams and call your audiences into action. This training covers 4 approaches to great storytelling, and gives you the tools you need to tell the story of your impact and exceed your communications goals.

Spokesperson &

Media Training

Everyone is a spokesperson, and we can get you ready for the job on or off camera. In this workshop, you’ll learn to convert your key messages into valuable opportunities to connect with your audiences. You’ll learn proven methods for controlling the conversation and skills for nailing those talking points every time.

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Just ask these guys.

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