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Leveraging A.I. in Your Comms & Equity Work
Leveraging A.I. in Your Comms & Equity Work

Leveraging A.I. in Your Comms & Equity Work

Seamlessly integrate AI into your professional toolkit and discover easy-to-use tools and essential prompts specifically designed for Black professionals engaged in health equity work.

Time & Location

Feb 28, 2024, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST

About the event

Join this engaging training session, "Leveraging AI in Communications and Health Equity Work," where we demystify the integration of artificial intelligence into your professional toolkit. Discover user-friendly tools and applications designed to streamline your tasks and alleviate the complexities of communication in the realm of health equity. Throughout the session, we will guide you through practical demonstrations, ensuring that you leave with a clear understanding of how to effortlessly incorporate AI into your daily work. Learn essential prompts that empower you to implement health equity strategies effectively, making a positive impact on the communities you serve. This training promises to equip you with actionable insights, making AI a valuable ally in your mission towards fostering health equity.

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