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4 Questions You Should Have Asked Before Taking that Last Comms Job

This week, we discuss "quiet quitting", quitting for real, and the 4 questions you must ask before joining a new communications team.

No time to listen? Here are the notes:

4 key interview questions for assessing the role and influence of your next communications team:

  1. Influence: How much influence does the director of communications have with the executive leadership team?

  2. Values: How well aligned are the company's actions with their stated values? Ask for specific examples.

  3. Team Function: Is the communications department viewed as a managerial function or a technical function?

  4. Systems & Proof: Ask for evidence of how the organization prioritizes and supports communication efforts. What systems are in place? How is the team evaluated? Bonus: Ask how the organization proves its commitment to valuing communications, for example, through processes, systems, and evaluation methods. Call to action: Share your experiences and additional interview questions in the comments!


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